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Breakfast of Champions hosted by Josh Wesson
Lifestyle Wine Seminars and Cocktail Clinics hosted by Food & Wine and Travel + Leisure
Saturday, October 10, 2009

Move over, Mimosas! Beat it, Bellinis! Where there’s smoked salmon, bagels and eggs, there’s a bottle of wine guaranteed to make the whole schmear taste that much more delicious. Join Joshua Wesson, IHOP’s top syrup steward (and A&P’s Director of Breakfast Beverages) on this jam-stained, crumbs-in-bed tour across a bruchscape where pancakes make sweet love to Sherry and granola gets down with Moscato. From oatmeal and off-dry whites to a frittata and Rosé, you’ll savor a buffet’s-worth of eye (and mouth) opening new ways to greet the day. Good morning, sunshine!