Michael Cressotti

The Mermaid Inn

As corporate executive chef, Michael Cressotti oversees the kitchens at Mermaid Oyster Bar in Greenwich Village as well as The Mermaid Inn's on the Upper West Side and the East Village. His creativity and expertise characterize his successful culinary career, spanning nearly twenty years. Combining classic technique with an innovative approach, Cressotti has helped open several acclaimed New York City restaurants, including Patria and The Red Cat.

Working alongside Robin Haas at The Colony Bistro in Miami, Cressotti learned about New World Cuisine, combining Latin American ingredients with French technique. Cressotti developed a close rapport with a group of New World chefs affectionately called the "Mango Gang," which includes Haas, Allen Susser, Norman Van Acne and Douglas Rodriguez. Rodriguez invited Cressotti to open Patria in New York City as Executive Sous Chef. Shortly thereafter, Patria received three stars by The New York Times. Cressotti's next position was as Executive Sous Chef at Miles Angelo's Arizona 206. He remained there for two years before becoming the opening Executive Chef at what would become a Chelsea mainstay, The Red Cat.

With great success at The Red Cat, Cressotti took on the role of Corporate Executive Chef of the Sushi Samba Restaurant Group, with six locations worldwide. In addition to managing twelve executive chefs and a kitchen staff of over 200, Cressotti also developed the restaurants menus. Throughout his career, Cressotti has enhanced his cooking knowledge through cultural and culinary research including eating tours, such as a recent one with Anthony Bourdain in Brazil. Cressotti first worked for Danny Abrams, owner of The Mermaid Holding Company, at The Red Cat. And since 2010, is happy to be working again with his friend of nearly 15 years.