Anita Lo


Anita Lo is the chef and owner of Annisa and one of the most respected chefs in the country having earned numerous accolades for her inventive Contemporary American cuisine.Lo opened Annisa in 2000, an intimate restaurant in Greenwich Village.In June 2009, a fire destroyed the restaurant entirely and while plans for rebuilding Annisa got underway, Lo appeared on "Top Chef Masters" and finished fourth out of 24 chefs. In April 2010, after a complete renovation, Annisa was reopened and then in October 2011, Lo released her first cookbook, Cooking Without Borders, which highlights her passion for bringing multicultural flavors to her American kitchen. 15 years later, Annisa continues to impress critics and members of the media, and even just recently received a glowing 3-star re-review from Pete Wells at The New York Times.


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What is your favorite New York City restaurant?

Too many to choose from

What would be your last meal on earth?

Omakase at a fancy sushi bar

I always keep ________ in my fridge.

Goose fat

What is the best advice you have ever been given, and from whom?

Taste everything - David Waltuck