Texas de Brazil

Texas de Brazil features the perfect private and semi-private dining options to accommodate an authentic interactive concept in a fine, chic setting. Our elegant dining atmosphere is enriched with soaring deep red walls, oversized hanging mirrors and colorful, lush floral arrangements to create a dazzling, sought-after ambience. We feature authentic side dishes of garlic mashed potatoes, Brazilian cheese bread and sweet fried bananas, as well as a delicious 50-item seasonal salad area that showcases both hot and cold items. Some of these items include: gourmet artisan breads, imported cheeses, smoked prosciutto, Italian salamis, grilled red peppers, Hearts of Palm, marinated Portobello, fresh mozzarella, couscous salad, Greek olives, artichoke hearts, shrimp salad, lobster bisque, house-made salad dressings and many other specialties. In addition, our gaucho-clad carvers will also bring to your table, fresh from an open grill, an endless parade of deliciously seasoned selections of beef, lamb, pork, chicken and Brazilian sausage.

With elements for all the senses, our amenities are guaranteed to create a stunning effect for this fixed-price restaurant and make Texas de Brazil a destination hot spot for all special occasions.

Texas de Brazil features an interactive concept in a refined, chic setting. Elegant interiors adorned with vibrant tropical floral arrangements and soaring ceilings with rustic chandeliers befit this upscale steakhouse creating a dazzling atmosphere. Enriched with elements for all the senses, their amenities create a memorable experience for all and make Texas de Brazil a destination hot spot for every occasion.