Jennifer Puccio

Big Night Restaurant Group

Jennifer Puccio is the Executive Chef and partner for Big Night Restaurant Group including The Cavalier (2013), Park Tavern (2011), Marlowe (2010) and Marlowe Burger (2015) restaurants. Puccio's culinary credits include working with acclaimed chef, author, and James Beard Award winner, Anna Sortun of Oleana, where she learned the art of creating balance while working with Middle Eastern and Mediterranean flavors. Prior to joining Big Night Restaurant Group,Puccio worked at some of the Bay Area's toprestaurantsincluding Daniel Patterson's former restaurant Elisabeth Daniel,Ramblas, and Cortez,where she earned her first three-star review from The San Francisco Chronicle, an honor she earned again for Marlowe in 2010 and 2014, Park Tavern in 2012 and The Cavalier in 2013. Puccio also earned The Park Tavern (2012) and The Cavalier (2014) James Beard nods as semifinalists for Best New Restaurant. Most recently, Puccio was named asemi-finalist for the James Beard Award, Best Chef West, 2015.


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What is your favorite New York City restaurant?


What would be your last meal on earth?

My Mom's macaroni and cheese with ham and buttered croutons.

I always keep ________ in my fridge.

Condiments: mustard, hot sauce, salsa, Kewpie mayo, more mustard because I can't stop buying new mustards, and beer.

What is the best advice you have ever been given, and from whom?

"Never try to reinvent or tinker with a classic recipe or dish until you know how to create the original perfectly."-Ana Sortun