Spencer Rubin

Melt Shop

We hear people talk about comfort food all the time. But what is comfort food? It’s the food you’d rather have than any other food. Food that reminds you of comfortable times. Easier times. Yummier times. Times when home cooking was the only kind of cooking. For us, that food is grilled sandwiches. And tater tots. And milkshakes. Mmmmilkshakes.

With melt shop, we set out to make the best damn sandwich on the planet. Period. Better than our mom’s (sorry, mom). Better than your mom’s. It’s the comfort food you love, but like you’ve never had it before. Next level stuff, made from only the best artisanal ingredients, fresh-baked bread every day and the best cheese a man can find.

We know because we looked really hard. It’s all from scratch, all the time. So you can take comfort in knowing that we are never comfortable, until your sandwich is.