Harold Breton

Imperio Breton

Harold Breton was born in Boston after his Dominican parents migrated to the United States in the 1970s. As the years passed his family traveled to Dominican Republic for vacations during the summer. This is where Chef Breton unknowingly started his journey in the culinary world, first with the fascination of familiar but new aromas that caused interest. During the years he continued traveling to his native land always with the thought of discovering something new; may it be ice cream, fruits, methods of cooking, or a dish from a remote region. The thought of cooking professionally was not even an idea in his head at the time; he was content in enjoying the delicacies of his homeland.

Of course there came a time in Chef Breton’s life to choose what he wanted to do with his career. He tried several occupations in his life but none hit the right note.

He searched for something that would be fulfilling for himself, so he focused on the things he enjoyed doing, such as writing poems and songs, sketching, painting and cooking. COOKING! That’s it! He enrolled himself in The French Culinary Institute in NYC. He graduated with top honors and obtained his “Grand Diploma”. He then embarked on his career, landing his first job at Park Bistro, working with Chef Jean Michel Diot once the Executive Chef of Maxim’s at the Peninsula Hotel in Paris.

Learning French techniques and methods first hand from one of the top chefs in New York at the time, he began to build his philosophy about cooking. He worked at top restaurants in New York City such as The River Café, Les Halles, Le Metairie, Lutece, Les Marais, La Goulue, Croisic, Bryant Park and many others where he develop his skills, working under and alongside great chef such as Anthony Bordain, Andre Soltner, Jean-Michele Diot and Christian Delouvrier.

After gaining much experience from various influential chefs, he remembered his experiences as a child with food from his homeland and started to focus on the history, growth and development of food in the Dominican Republic. Through his research, he recognized the important role his upbringing had on his view of cooking. He started to develop what he named “Dominican Progressive Cuisine.” From this development the food base company of “Imperio Breton” was created. His fulfillment lies now in the development and philosophy on Dominican Cuisine.

Learn More About Harold Breton:

What is your favorite New York City restaurant? 

Puerto Viejo

What would be your last meal on earth? 

Slow cooked Caribbean ribs

I always keep ________ in my fridge. 


What is the best advice you have ever been given, and from whom? 

Don’t piss off an angry lion......dad