Future Bites: Storytelling and Marketing in the Kitchen of the Future

Date + Time
Friday, October 12
12:30 PM - 1:15 PM
Important Info
Casual Attire, 21 Years of Age and Older


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Food has always been an incredibly powerful medium to bring people together, to celebrate, to initiate a conversation and spark ideas; heritage has been preserved for generations in families’ kitchens, and the industry of Food TV has been able for the past two decades to capitalize on it.

It has expanded dramatically the opportunity for brands and companies to connect with their customers: product integrations, sponsorships, ambassadorships have been until now the preferred tools to leverage celebrity chefs and their storytelling skills.

We are now in the midst of a technology renaissance and new exciting mediums are available to deliver appropriate messaging to the next generation; Snapchat, PopShop, Twitch and XR media are the tools of today. Market opportunities for Gen Z lie in the ability that brands can shape a message that is inclusive, transparent and honest via immersive media and commerce will thrive if we are successful in building an emotional connection and in treating consumers like people that are part of our experience rather than numbers on a spreadsheet.

This panel will focus on how storytelling and advertising can be efficient in this modern age when deployed along emerging technologies that enhance participation, community building and commerce, in the Food TV of the Future.

Gabriele Corcos

Charlie Fink: Consultant, Writer, Speaker, Futurist.
Tony Parisi: Global Head of VR/AR Brand Solutions | Unity Technologies
Samantha Wolfe: Founder of PitchFWD VR/AR Consulting Agency, Co-Author of “Marketing New Realities”
Corrine Gudovic: Partner and Director of North American Home Industry Sector at Ketchum PR