Culinary and Industry Experts

Abdoo Matt 145x145 - Abdoo, Matt
Matt Abdoo
Pig Beach
Matt is the chef/partner of the Brooklyn barbecue restaurant Pig Beach and Pig Bleecker, a full-service restaurant with a focus on smoked-centric comf... READ MORE
Jose Acosta
Lugo Cocina
Lugo Cucina Italiana is a classic Italian restaurant, delivering fresh, casual renditions on the favorites. Located across from Madison Square Garden,... READ MORE
Adelson Reed 145x145 - Adelson, Reed
Reed Adelson
Virginia's is an intimate modern American restaurant in the heart of the East Village. Known for its famous "Virginia's Burger" with Vidalia Onion Mar... READ MORE
Adoni Meir 145x145 - Adoni, Meir
Meir Adoni
Alvarez Ismael 1 145x145 - Alvarez, Ismael
Ismael Alvarez
MoMo Sushi Shack
Aperitivo! hosted by Debi Mazar and Gabriele Corcos
Debi Mazar and Gabriele Corcos
Debi Mazar and Gabriele Corcos
Debi Mazar and husband Gabriele Corcos are hosts of the popular Cooking Channel series, Extra Virgin and Extra Virgin Americana, NY Times Best-Selling... READ MORE
Austern Tyler 145x145 - Austern, Tyler
Tyler Austern
The Standard Grill
A 12 year professional, born and raised in NYC. Changed careers from Corporate Real Estate to follow culinary passion. Japanese and French trained at ... READ MORE
Leland Avellino
Dinosaur Bar-B-Que
Leland Avellino is Founder/Pitmaster John Stage’s right hand man, helping with menu creation, staff training and culinary supervision across Dinosaur... READ MORE
Alex Baker
Alex Baker is the Chef at Yves, a French-inspired restaurant in New York City. She is originally from Kansas City where she obtained a degree in Comm... READ MORE
Bakery Breads 145x145 - Bakery, Breads
Breads Bakery
Breads Bakery
Breads Bakery is a New York bakery known for producing artisanal, handmade breads and pastries, baked in small batches throughout the day to ensure un... READ MORE
Baloo Timon 145x145 - Balloo, Timon
Timon Balloo
As the culinary heart of SUGARCANE raw bar grill, Chef Partner Timon Balloo draws from his broad range of influences and experiences to bring bold, gl... READ MORE
-Chef Bao Bao
Chef Bao Bao
Chef Bao Bao, was born in the northernmost province of Thailand. After graduating from The French Culinary Institute in NY, Chef Bao Bao began trainin... READ MORE
Bazdarich Justin 145x145 - Bazdarich, Justin
Justin Bazdarich
Justin Bazdarich hales from Kansas City, and embarked on to Arizona State University where he majored in industrial design. After his junior year, Jus... READ MORE
Franklin Becker
FB Hospitality for Hotel Americano
Chef Franklin Becker Chef Franklin Becker is the Co-Founder of, a direct to consumer vegan based platform. A graduate of the Culinar... READ MORE
Becker Carol 145x145 - Becker, Carol
Carol Becker
William Greenberg Desserts
As owner of William Greenberg Desserts, a New York City Upper East Side institution, Carol Becker is the caretaker of over 65 years of tradition. Thei... READ MORE
Melissa Ben-Ishay
Baked by Melissa
Melissa Ben-Ishay is a mom, a baker, and the founder of Baked by Melissa, the New York City-based brand famous for its signature, bite-size cupcakes ... READ MORE
Samantha Benjamin
The Dessertist
After moving to NYC in 2007 she discovered the fun and excitement in making edible art and it quickly became her passion. Her love of art and baking ... READ MORE
Benjamin Bobby 145x145 - Benjamin, Bobby
Bobby Benjamin
Butchertown Grocery
Bobby’s culinary philosophy is simple, like his food: respect ingredients, cook with integrity and be honest on the plate. While it’s hard to define t... READ MORE
Biju Ashfer 145x145 - Biju, Ashfer
Ashfer Biju
Perrine NYC
Executive Chef Ashfer Biju brings a worldly vision inspired by regional ingredients to the culinary program at The Pierre, where he oversees all food ... READ MORE
Bissonnette Jamie 145x145 - Bissonnette, Jamie
Jamie Bissonnette
Toro NYC
Bissonnette earned his Culinary Arts degree from The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale by the young age of 19 and spent his early 20s eating and cookin... READ MORE
Bitangol Nelson 145x145 - Bitangol, Nelson
Nelson Bitangol
212 Steakhouse
212 Steakhouse takes great pride in being the first and only member in New York of the Kobe Beef Marketing & Distribution Promotion Association fr... READ MORE
Bludorn Aaron 145x145 - Bludorn, Aaron
Aaron Bludorn
Café Boulud
Aaron Bludorn is the Executive Chef of Café Boulud, Chef Daniel Boulud’s 20-year-old Upper East Side institution inside the luxurious Surrey Hotel, fo... READ MORE
Bogle Justin 145x145 - Bogle, Justin
Justin Bogle
Le Coucou
Chef Justin Bogle made his mark at GILT as Executive Chef. Bogle’s unique approach makes the most of the best ingredients, creating completely new ide... READ MORE
Borofsky Jeff 145x145 - Borofsky, Jeff
Jeff Borofsky
Skinny Pines
Jeff Borofsky, Head Chef and Owner of Skinny Pines, LLC, has a wealth of experience in the kitchen, and is one of Connecticut's most sought after farm... READ MORE
Botros Peter 145x145 - Botros, Peter
Peter Botros
Corner House BBQThe Stone HouseViolette's Cellar
Peter Botros is the Chef/Owner of several distinguished restaurants on Staten Island. He appeared on Guy’s Grocery Games in October 2017 and is a self... READ MORE
Bouley David 145x145 - Bouley, David
David Bouley
Chef David Bouley is the chef and owner of Bouley at Home in Manhattan where he has been a leading figure in the culinary movement since opening the f... READ MORE
Boulud Daniel 145x145 - Boulud, Daniel
Daniel Boulud
DANIEL& Café Boulud
Daniel Boulud is Chef-Owner of several award-winning restaurants and the Feast & Fêtes catering company. While he hails from outside Lyon, France,... READ MORE
Bourgeois Jean Paul 145x145 - Bourgeois, Jean-Paul
Jean-Paul Bourgeois
Blue Smoke
Jean-Paul grew up in the small town of Thibodaux, Louisiana, and received his Bachelor’s degree at John Folse Culinary Institute at Nicholls State Uni... READ MORE
Ed Brown
Restaurant Associates
Chef Ed Brown President, Restaurant Services Restaurant Associates As one of America’s leading chefs, Ed Brown has cultivated a culinary prowess b... READ MORE
Brown Glenroy 145x145 - Brown, Glenroy
Glenroy Brown
Jacob's Pickles
Glenroy is the Executive Chef at Pickle Hospitality. Born in Jamaica, Glenroy moved to the Bronx as a teenager and experimented with his love for cook... READ MORE
Buccieri Phillip 145x145 - Buccieri, Phillip
Phillip Buccieri
NOLA Restaurant
Philip Buccieri Chef de Cuisine, NOLA Restaurant   Philip Buccieri serves as Chef de Cuisine at NOLA Restaurant, Chef Emeril Lagasse’s lively... READ MORE
Burke Tarana 145x145 - Burke, Tarana
Tarana Burke
Founder of The ‘me too’ Movement & Social Justice Activist.   Tarana Burke shares the heartbreaking story behind the genesis of the vir... READ MORE
Burriesci Andrew 145x145 - Burriesci, Andrew
Andrew Burriesci
SOUTHGATE Bar & Restuarant
Executive Chef Andrew Burriesci leads a culinary team of 40 at the JW Marriott Essex House New York. Recently appointed Executive Chef, he has been at... READ MORE
Burrowes Paul 145x145 - Burrowes, Paul
Paul Burrowes
ZuriLee Restaurant
Owners: Brothers Jermaine and Paul Burrowes have lived in Flatbush for over two decades. Originally from Guyana, they opened their first restaurant in... READ MORE
David Burtka
David Burtka
David Burtka is a chef, caterer and award-winning actor who will soon release his first cookbook, Life is a Party, in the spring of 2019. The book is ... READ MORE
Cade Samantha 145x145 - Cade, Samantha
Samantha Cade
Cades Cakes
Samantha Cade is founder and owner of custom cake business Cade's Cakes. Having always been creative with a sweet tooth, bakeries were the natural fir... READ MORE
Capon Josh 145x145 - Capon, Joshua
Joshua Capon
Burger & Barrel
Josh Capon is the executive chef partner behind Downtown NYC favorites Lure Fishbar (NYC + Miami), B&B Winepub, El Toro Blanco and Bowery Meat Com... READ MORE
Darren Carbone
El Vez NYC
Darren Carbone serves as the Executive Chef of El Vez NYC, in the battery park city area of New York. Carbone brings more than a decade of culinary ex... READ MORE
Carlos Caretto
Carlos Carreto has been with the Livanos Restaurant Group for almost 20 years, rising through the ranks, honing his craft and learning the ins and out... READ MORE
Carmellini Andrew 145x145 - Carmellini, Andrew
Andrew Carmellini
NoHo Hospitality
After graduating from the Culinary Institute of America, Andrew Carmellini worked in some of Europe’s finest restaurants. He then made his way to New ... READ MORE
Carroll Jennifer 145x145 - Carroll, Jennifer
Jennifer Carroll
Spice Finch
Philadelphia-native Jennifer Carroll is the executive chef and partner at Spice Finch, a modern Mediterranean restaurant and bar located in the Ritten... READ MORE
Natasha Case
Natasha Case founded Coolhaus in 2009 with Freya Estreller after she was working in architecture at Walt Disney Imagineering. They launched their arch... READ MORE
Casella Fabio 145x145 - Casella, Fabio
Fabio Casella
San Matteo
Fabio Casella opened his first New York City establishment, San Matteo, in 2010 with the goal to change the pizza business in the United States by bri... READ MORE
Casella Cesare 145x145 - Casella, Cesare
Cesare Casella
Casella’s Salumi
Chef Cesare Casella  is an acclaimed New York chef and restaurateur known for the ever-present rosemary sprouting from his shirt pocket. As Dean of It... READ MORE
Chavez Jose Louis 145x145 - Chavez, Jose Luis
Jose Luis Chavez
Mission Ceviche
Born and raised in the Andes mountains of Venezuela to a Peruvian father and a Colombian mother, Jose Luis Chavez, the co-founder and co-owner of Miss... READ MORE
Cheban Jonathan 145x145 - Cheban, Jonathan
Jonathan Cheban
The Foodgōd
Jonathan Cheban, aka Foodgōd, is a TV personality and major food influencer with close to 3 million Instagram followers who track his food adventures ... READ MORE
Chemel Bertrand 145x145 - Chemel, Bertrand
Bertrand Chemel
2941 Restaurant
Thomas Chen
At Tuome, Chef/Owner Thomas Chen offers an ingredient-driven contemporary American menu that showcases his classic culinary training and Asian influe... READ MORE
Cheng Hannah and Marian 145x145 - Cheng, Hannah and Marian
Hannah and Marian Cheng
Mimi Cheng's
Marian Cheng, Co-Founder Mimi Cheng’s Marian took a fashionable route to Mimi Cheng’s. After graduating with an honors business degree from the Unive... READ MORE
Cheng Yuchun 145x145 - Cheng, Yuchun
Yuchun Cheng
Little Alley
Yuchun Cheng has worked in restaurants and the hospitality industry since he was 19 years old. He first became a line cook at Pecking Duck House and i... READ MORE