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Jelena Pasic


What is your favorite NYC restaurant? And what is your go-to dish? Per Se - Nine course tasting menu What is your ultimate meal? My ultimate meal is any white fish that comes fresh from the ocean and is prepared with simple ingredients , such as EVO olive oil, garlic and white wine. (Some wine would need to be left to accompany the meal). Add some crusty bread and a mache salad with lemon and olive oil and I am positively in heaven. What three things are always in your pantry? EVO olive oil, expensive sea salt and tomato sauce If you weren't a chef, what would you be? Food Critic If you could cook with anyone, who would that be? I would love to cook with Yotam Otolenghi. His cuisine inspires me and i can devour every recipe he ever wrote. I would love to learn his techniques! What’s your favorite NYCWFF memory? Our first year 2017 I experienced all the amazing festivities and enjoyed while pregnant with my 3rd daugther!