NYCWFF at Home

Pizza Master Class

with Pizza Loves Emily

Date + Time
Sunday, October 13
12:00 PM - 1:30 PM EST
Important Info
Casual, 21 Years of Age and Older


Terms & Conditions


A Lesson in Pizza from the Pros

Join one of the leaders of the modern New York pizza shop movement, Emily Hyland – one of the brains behind some of NYC’s most beloved pizza restaurants, Pizza Loves Emily, Emmy Squared and Violet – for a master class in all things pizza! You’ll learn how to make their signature inventive pies, from across their popular flavor spectrum of white, pink, red and green pizzas, and craft your own like the pros with a perfectly crispy dough combining creative ingredients and flavors. At the end, savor your cheesy, doughy, delicious creation and take your new skills home to make amazing pizza again and again!