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Panel: Food & Fake News:

Separating Fact from Fiction presented by Ajinomoto

Date + Time
Friday, October 11
1:00 PM - 1:45 PM EST
Pier 94
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Seated, Casual, 21 Years of Age and Older


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Hosted by Gail Simmons, this panel will promote a compelling, engaging discussion that addresses common food industry myths and misconceptions. Panelists will share insights from their respective realms of expertise as to why rumors take hold, as well as discuss the cultural implications those misconceptions have on food preferences and beliefs. The panel, anchored by the stigma around MSG, will also empower food industry notables to lead with fact, and set an example for peers and consumers to act as trusted sources for factual, unbiased information.

• Gail Simmons, Cookbook Author and TV Personality

• Angie Mar, Chef/owner of The Beatrice Inn, Manhattan
• Dan Pashman, Host & Creator of The Sporkful Podcast
• Jason Riis, Behavioral Scientist